Boudoir Photography – Frequently Asked Questions….

Let’s talk about Boudoir baby! Boudoir photography has been a hot trend as of late and I’ve been photographing this genre for four years now. I have captured boudoir images for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, religions, ethnicities, and varied career levels from housewives, to moms, to corporate level executives, nurses, school teachers – YOU NAME IT!

Boudoir photography is for every woman, every woman who wants to be fun and fearless, playful and sexy. All of the above every day or maybe just for one day? Either way you can be photographed in next to nothing and show a sassy and confident side. In fact, most women who are photographed for a gift for their spouse end up with renewed sense of self awareness and a confidence boost for sure 😉

In talking to clients most don’t know what to expect or if they could ‘pull it off’ – well let me answer the most frequently asked questions so you have all the information you need to book your shoot. ‘Trust me, you’ll love it’ sometimes only gets me so far – so here we go!

-What do I wear? After booking a shoot I will send you a list of tips and suggestions from everything regarding wardrobe to makeup and all points in between. If you have a certain body type where you might want specific suggestions on what is most flattering I’m happy to further discuss this so you can look and feel comfortable.

-Shouldn’t I lose weight first? No. Unless you are already losing weight there’s no need to wait until you’ve lost 5lbs before booking. Flattering photos are based on proper posing, lighting and post processing techniques.

-Will you post them on Facebook? NOOOO! I never post boudoir photos or any photos of an intimate nature without the client’s full permission.

-Can you remove my (wrinkles, stretch marks, blemishes, etc) Yes, all photos are flawlessly finished for the best results with minimum distortion for the most natural looking results.

-I don’t know how to look sexy, how do I pose? It’s okay, that’s my job! I will pose you, direct you and light you to show off your assets and minimize any flaws. No shoot is exactly the same as I aim to flatter each person in their own unique way.

-What happens when I arrive for my shoot? We will take a look at your wardrobe and map out the shoot from there. Then hair and make up (where applicable) and the shoot begins. I am very laid back, I try to be funny (usually at my own expense) and I do my best to make you comfortable and assured that the shoot is going well. We’ll play some music and make it fun. In no time you’ll be relaxed and having a blast and actually feeling pretty sexy! 🙂

-Can I bring a friend for moral support? Certainly. I would recommend only bring one as it becomes distracting at times and you’re more likely to be nervous unless it’s someone you are particularly close to. But if they’re coming – talk them into shooting a set as well! There’s safety in numbers 😉

-How much or little should I show, will you shoot nudes? Your comfort level is my comfort level. If you would like to be topless, pose with implied nudity, fully nude or fully clothed – the choice is yours. I’ve shot at all levels to full on artistic nudes. (I do not shoot anything that is in poor taste however). This is your shoot, you tell me what you’d like and we’ll make it into beautiful photos.

-What would I do with the photos, I’m single? Perfect, do it for you! You will never be this young again and these photos can be a beautiful heirloom. When you’re 75 you can look back and see just how gorgeous you once were 😉 Treat yourself, you deserve it!

-Do you photograph Men or Couples? YES! I love to photograph men and after recently shooting my first couple’s boudoir session I am looking forward to more of them.

-Do you offer make up and hair services? YES! For an additional charge.

I hope this answers all the questions I regularly get. Feel free to ask direct questions anytime. The bottom line for boudoir photography is that when it’s done well (with a photographer experienced in posing, lighting and post processing techniques) it can be a really great experience!

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