Senior Portraits Wells, Maine – Warriors Football


Senior Portraits Wells Maine Football Warriors
Senior Portrait Photographer Wells Maine Jordan Warriors
Wells Warriors Football Senior Pictures

Senior Portraits Wells Maine Warriors Football. I love High School Senior portraits, they’re my favorite! I love to photograph teenagers because they are so fun and free and each so different. They all have bright futures ahead with a world of possibilities. I love hearing about what they like to do for fun and what they plan to do when High School is over. I have a particular soft spot for Seniors from Wells High School because that’s where I graduated from. I spent a lot of time on this football field as a high school cheerleader and love when kids have a lot of school spirit. Once a Warrior, always a Warrior…Meet fellow Warrior, Jordan from the Wells High School Class of 2017. Wells Warriors Football star and big brother with future plans to open his own restaurant. I hope his dreams come true! Here are a few of my favorites from his Senior Portrait Session…

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