Valentine’s Day Boudoir Packages by Maine Boudoir Photographer Jenna Doughtry

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Packages – Maine Boudoir Photographer Jenna Doughtry

Valentine's Day Boudoir Packages staircase

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Packages by Jenna Doughtry make an amazing gift!  Another box of chocolates and a Hallmark card, boring!  Give your Valentine a gift they will really LOVE!  Every year I create boudoir photography packages to make the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day at a savings over regularly priced boudoir sessions.

Maine Boudoir Valentine's Day Packages

Boudoir photography is for the fun, fierce and feminine!  Boudoir photography isnt about nudity, its about capturing a womans beauty in an elegant, classy and sensual way.  Boudoir is  an art form and one of my specialities.  When you want the best in boudoir photography, youve come to the right place!  As your boudoir photographer, I direct you through the whole process from what to wear and how to prepare to how to pose with every single shot I take.  All boudoir images are flawlessly finished to ensure you look your very best.  Whether you are planning a gift for a significant other or looking to have a day of fun and a confidence boost for yourself, a boudoir photography session is an amazing experience!

Email to inquire about booking your Valentine’s Day Boudoir session:

Most boudoir clients are first timers so its common to have many questions about the experience.

Im happy to answer any additional questions you might have, just send me an email!

I should try to lose weight before my shoot, right?  No!  Not necessary.  Although you might not feel like youre in the best shape or the ideal weight, there are many techniques and tricks involved that will ensure that you look your very best as you are, right now.
Can you remove my stretch marks or other imperfections?  Yes!  All final images are retouched to remove any obvious flaws.  Keep in mind, boudoir is a style of photography that borders on fantasy, not traditional portraiture.  You will receive magazine quality images.
Boudoir is a young persons game right? NO!  Not at all, in fact I have photographed women from 20 to 65.  Boudoir is for all women of any age, shape and size.
What do I wear? After you book a session, I will send along tips on what to wear.  The options are really endless.
Can I bring a friend, or two?  Absolutely.  If you feel more comfortable bringing a friend or two thats fine.  Three is too many.  You must be comfortable being in lingerie and being photographed in front of these people as my studio is one open space.  There is, however, a private dressing area.
Do you offer hair and makeup services? Yes!  I offer hair and makeup for a small fee, but am not a professional hair stylist or makeup artist.  If you want someone with an expert level of skill I can source them or recommend a local salon.
Im not sure how to be sexy for the camera, should I practice? Nope.  How you look is my job!  I will direct you from head to toe to get the best results and the best poses for your body.
I found some ideas for my photos on Pinterest, can you recreate this images with me? Possibly.  While I welcome ideas of what you like, not all poses work for all body types.  I will try to accommodate, work on a modified version or let you know that its not going to work and offer an alternative.  I want you to look your very best!
Do I have to be nude? Absolutely not.  The amount of coverage is up to you and your comfort level.
Can I be nude? Yes.  I will shoot nudes upon request in a tasteful manner.
Will my images be posted publicly? NO! Boudoir images are of a sensitive nature and are never posted anywhere without permission.  75% of my boudoir sessions never see the light of day.  Of course, if you dont mind them being shared, I would love to show off your session on my Facebook page, on my blog or on my website gallery.
Do you photograph couples? Yes!  A couples boudoir session is a lot of fun.  I dont, however photograph men nude.

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